Client #1

Very respectful of other’s beliefs and choices.  Very kind and sweet.  –D from Easton


Client #2

The thing I liked best about Choices was that my counselor really listened to me and what was going on in my life.  –T from Royal Oak


Client #3

My nurse was very helpful and was good at explaining the things I didn’t understand.  It helped me cement in my mind what I want to do with my pregnancy.  The staff was very helpful and kind.   –Z from Trappe


Client #4

I have never talked to anyone about my personal issues until now.  My counselor made me feel comfortable enough to do so.  I liked the fact that they are actually concerned about you and your care.  It’s not just a job to them, they actually care.  –K from Easton


Client #5

My visit was great.   We need more places like these around.  –A from Denton


Client #6

I felt safe and secure.  Everyone was so nice and calm and it made me feel the same way.  –Y from Salisbury


Client #7

I was able to talk comfortably with the counselor without feeling judged.   – M from Cambridge


Client #8

My nurse was great.  And really nice.  Super helpful.  I was treated exceptionally well.  –B from Centrevile


Client #9

My counselor gave me much needed information to tell me about my baby.  They answer all your questions.  If you need to talk to someone, it seems like they have all the questions and answers right here for you.  The people that work here are very nice, let you know everything that’s important and seem to make you feel more at home and able to talk to someone that doesn’t know you and show how much they care.  –K from Easton


Client #10

So glad this place is here!  -H from Oxford


Client #11

Great.  Most pleasant experience I’ve had.  –A from Ridgley


Client #12

The staff made me feel welcomed.  They let me know everything going on and answered all my questions.  The people here are a blessing and so nice and welcoming.  –K from Grasonville


Client #13

It blew me away to hear the heartbeat.  Watching him move was amazing.  It was mind blowing.  Best experience of my life.  –S from Cordova


Client #14

Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat is an amazing feeling.  Everyone was wonderful.  They were very helpful and gave me more hope!  I felt less overwhelmed.  –C from Chestertown 


Choices Pregnancy Center

8221 Teal Dr. Unit 408

Easton, MD 21601

(410) 822-3311 or text (443) 698-8110

(texts are received during regular business hours)


Some photos have been provided by In His Grace Photography.